How to make $20,000 dollars a week

Looking for ways to make money online? Whether youre looking for an extra $2,000 every month from a side hustle or $20,000 to replace your current income, then read on.Youve probab

How to make $20,000 dollars a week
10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Up To $20,000/Month

Looking for ways to make money online? Whether youre looking for an extra $2,000 every month from a side hustle or $20,000 to replace your current income, then read on.

Youve probably heard of people making money online but if youve never earned money by any online means before, then youre probably skeptical about it. Making money online is nothing new. There are people that have been doing so for the past 20 years.

I personally have been making money online since 2008. A lot of things have changed since then. Its become more competitive but as competition gets stronger, more ways to make money online have emerged. There is definitely a piece of the online pie for everybody. Its just a matter of what method you choose and an idea of how much you want to make.

The possibilities are limitless.I dont know what your motivations are for looking for ways to make money online that you even landed on this page. But I know for a lot of people, the motivation is FREEDOM. Its time and financial freedom  being able to spend more time with family and being able to do what they love while making money from it.

The following methods are not get-rich-quick-scheme. All these methods require some level of effort on your part and you only get what you put into it. The more work you put into it, the more you get out of it. Also, this is not an exhaustive list but only some that I know are legit and have experience on.

Here Are 10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online:
1. Fulfillment by Amazon (Amazon FBA)

This may or may not be new to you but do you know that not all products on Amazon are sold by Amazon? There are sellers on there, just like you and I, who sell anything and everything  from fashion and skincare to groceries, electronics, furniture, and even auto parts. Its like eBay. The only difference is that its not an auction site and you cant sell used goods.

I am personally making approximately $20,000 /month on Amazon FBA and if youre interested in learning more about that, check out my post:How To Make Money Online Through Amazon FBA (I Make Almost $18K/Month!). That article was written in 2017.

It is possible to make more than $20,000 through Amazon FBA. In fact, I have read about people making six figures every month and millions of dollars every year.

2. Blogging

Aside from making money through Amazon FBA, Im also a living proof that you can make money through blogging. Modesty aside (and please understand that I am not bragging but just merely stating to prove a point), I make six figures every year from blogging. But I do know of bloggers making six figures in a month alone and I dont doubt that one bit.

Heres a snapshot of my most recent tax return from blogging:

I go a little bit more in depth on this on my blog postHow to Start a Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Food, or Travel Blog and Make Money From It so check it out.

While the article above pertains to starting a fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food or travel blog, the steps mentioned there can also apply to whatever blog niche you choose to go for.

I also have recently launched my blogging course Become A Blog Boss where I provide a very systematic and strategic way for you to have a profitable blog that can earn you up to six figures. Whether you want to make six figures every month or every year, its totally up to you but its possible.

How to Make Money from Blogging

3. Selling Your Course Online

Are you really good at something that you are able to teach it? Selling your own online course is one of the hottest ways to make money online these days. There are people who have courses on anything and everything under the sun. Whether youre good on baking, photography, teaching a specific language, playing an instrument, photography, painting, health and fitness, DIY  you can create your own course and sell it.

Thanks to platforms such as Udemy and Teachable, its now easier than ever to get your course out there to hundreds of thousands of people and earn money that way.

The information industry is a billion dollar industry. Millions of people are turning to the internet to look for information and are willing to pay for courses that will provide them the information that they need or provide the solutions to their problems.

The income potential from selling your online course can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to six and seven figures! In fact, one girl I have read made over $1M (yup a million!) with her course in one year.

When I released myThe Ultimate List of Blogger / Influencer Networks, PR Firms & Digital Marketing Companies, Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks, Hotel Contacts and More! last year, I made an easy approximate $3,000 in a week and its not even my main course. Its just a bonus from my Become a Blog Boss course.

4. Sell Your T-Shirt Designs on Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is Amazons platform for print-on-demand t-shirts. You can start this without any inventory, no sign-up fees, no start-up costs. However, at the moment, it is only an Invite Only platform. You can get an invitation from Amazon itself by filling out the application here. Print on demand is basically a method where you upload your designs and the supplier (in this case, Amazon) only prints it on a shirt whenever a buyer orders it.

Im currently doing this as well to make a few hundred dollars but I know that I can easily make a few thousands if I put more effort into it. However, thats just not my focus right now and its just a side hustle. But again, I have read a few people making thousands of dollars every month on Merch by Amazon just by uploading their t-shirt design ideas.

5. Flipping Used/Unused or Unwanted Items

Some people are really good in flipping items from thrift stores and selling them on sites like eBay and Poshmark. I have also read of some people making up to six figures doing this. In my early years doing marketing online, I did eBay and have made thousands of dollars as well. I remember making up to $4,000/month and this was back in 2000.

If you spend a couple of days every week thrifting, you can easily turn those item into cash  anywhere from $200  $1000. You can flip anything and everything you think is of value.

Be sure to read my post10 Online Sites To Trade or Sell Your Used Clothes for Extra Cash where I shared different online platforms where you can trade or sell your used clothes or flip items that you picked up from garage sales or thrift stores.

6. Start Your Own Shopify Store

A lot of people shy away from starting their own online store thinking that it takes a lot of money to start one. Well, that can be true. But there is a way to get around that and its called dropshipping. Millions of Shopify store owners do this and its perfectly legitimate.

Dropshipping is a method where by you only buy the item from the supplier whenever you get an order and your supplier then ships it directly to your customer. This is a common practice. Mostly the source of the merchandise is The only downside to it is that because Aliexpress is based in China and most sellers are in Asia, the shipping takes a bit of time (usually 2 weeks or more).

If you see some ads on Facebook from an online store that youve never heard of, selling gadgets, fashion items, skin care and other things, chances are its a Shopify dropshipping store.

However, if you have a thousand to spare on inventory, you can go to and find suppliers for the products youd like to sell or Google Wholesale _______ (name of product) to find a supplier in the United States.

Another way you can do this is through what they call and this is if you like designing or have design ideas. This is just like Merch by Amazon but in your own Shopify store. You would have to connect your Shopify store to a print-on-demand plugin such as Printiful or Printify and pay an additional monthly fee.

To start a Shopify store is $29/month to begin with after a 14 day trial.

If you have a product idea, chances are you can probably sell it on Shopify. I know of a particular lady who makes about $2M (yes thats $2 MILLION!) every year selling printables.

7. Sell Your Handmade Items on Etsy

Im sure youre familiar with Etsy. I mean, who doesnt? Especially if youre into handmade stuff. If youre good with your hands and can make anything with your hands that sell, Etsy is the way to go.

Whether youre looking for a side hustle to make an extra couple hundred dollars or a full-blown handmade business to make thousands every year, you can take advantage of Etsys audience already.

8. Become an Instagram Influencer

Theres no doubt that Instagram has gotten huge in the past 4 years or so. With that, emerged whats now called Influencer Marketing and individuals who market on Instagram or are hired to promote or endorse products and/or services are called Instagram Influencers.

Instagram Influencers can sometimes be interchangeably called Bloggers. But thats not really the case for many. There are bloggers who has a blog platform and use Instagram and other social media platforms for promotion and there are influencers who focus on Instagram and has a blog but not necessarily using it that much. If that makes sense. But there are also Instagram influencers who are just that  their presence is only on Instagram and markets to that audience 99% of the time.

So it is possible to make money through Instagram alone and there are literally millions of Instagram users who are making money through the platform. If youre interested in finding out more, read my postHow To Become an Instagram Influencer and Make Money From It

It takes a little bit of time to build your audience but once you have, your income potential can lead up to five figures every year or six to seven figures every month.

9. Become a Virtual Assistant or a Freelance Writer

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a mere side hustle or a full-blown virtual assistance company. Since online entrepreneurship is becoming more and more common these days, the demand for virtual assistants have grown so much. This provides a good amount of side hustle opportunities for those who can do some administrative or clerical type of work.

Some Sites You Can Sign-up to Offer your Virtual Assistant Services:

  • Fiverr (This site covers more than just virtual assistant services.)
  • Freelancer (This site covers more than just virtual assistant services.)
  • People Per Hour
  • Task Rabbit (This site covers more than just virtual assistant services.)
  • Upwork
  • Zirtual

Same thing with freelance writing. Content marketing is also huge these days. The demand for freelance writers is just as huge. Research firm Technavio predicts freelance writing to be a $412B industry by 2021. If youre a writer, you definitely would want to take part in that!

Some Sites You Can Sign-Up to Offer Your Freelance Writing Services:

  • Some of the sites mentioned above
  • Content Writers
  • Freelance Writing Gigs
  • iWriter
  • LinkedIn
  • Writer Access

You can also apply for freelance gigs at content marketing agencies. Click here for a huge list of it.

Again, how much you make from these money-making opportunities depend on how much you put into it. As I said above, you can make a couple hundred as a side hustle or if you dedicate a lot of time into it, you can make a few thousands every year and can even make it a full-time business.

10.Fill Out Online Surveys

Surveys are a legit way of making money online. It may not make you six figures every year but it may make you from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands  again, depending on how much time you spend doing it.

Surveys are a way for companies to get the pulse of consumers about their products or upcoming products. This is why they pay survey companies to do it for them and find people to fill out those surveys. Some companies pay in gift cards and some pay cash.

Here Are Some Legitimate Survey Companies That Pay You Cash:

  • Earning Station
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Pinecone Research
  • Survey Club
  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Vindale Research

These are just some of the ways that you can make money online. Im sure there are more but these are some of the ways that I personally have proven or have seen proofs from other people who have done it.

In conclusion, if you want to make up to $20,000/month, I highly recommend exploring Amazon FBA, blogging, or selling your own course online. These three have the biggest potential of earning you five to six figures every month.

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