How long does it take to learn sales?

To be successful in sales, and in life, you must love what you do. If you arent passionate about your profession, you will never be the best. You will always fall short because the

How long does it take to learn sales?

To be successful in sales, and in life, you must love what you do. If you arent passionate about your profession, you will never be the best. You will always fall short because the people who love it will naturally excel. It seems simple enough: do what you love. But what if you love many things or dont know if youve found your niche? Dont worrythere are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine whether a career in sales will excite you and make you want to leap out of bed every morning.

Are You Born to Sell?

How do you know if sales is your passion, the career of your dreams? The first step is taking this course. Youll have an opportunity to learn about sales and actually put your knowledge to work in real-life situations by role-playing with your classmates. After reading this chapter, you will better understand the profession of selling and what it has to offer. This chapter includes insights about which personal characteristics and talents are best suited to sales, which industries you might work in, and how you can be successful in the profession.

Just like being a teacher requires traits such as a love of learning, an ability to communicate, and the talent to make concepts come alive for people, selling calls for certain personal characteristics as well. Some people think that successful salespeople are those who have the gift of gab, but thats not really what makes salespeople effective. Although communication and relationship building are valuable skills, just being able to talk to people is not enough to be successful in sales. Consider the following points that make a salesperson successful and see if these are a good match to you and your skills.

Character and the Ability to Build Trust

The Ability to Connect

A good salesperson will use his personal skills to connect with a customer, so that their conversation prompts and echoes the customers own internal thought process. It is ultimately this ability to connect that allows the salesperson to build relationships and trust. This video highlights how a motorcycle trip, passion, and connecting led to a sale with Harley-Davidson.

The Ability to Ask the Right Questions

The Drive to Succeed

Which Generation Is Best at Selling?

Resilience and a Positive Attitude

The Willingness to Take Risks

The Secret to Success: Failure

Why Taking Risks Is Important to Success

The Ability to Ask for an Order

It may sound intuitive that successful salespeople shouldnt be afraid to ask for a customers order, but you would be surprised at how often it happens. Most customers want you to ask for their order. Would you like fries with your hamburger? What can I get you for dessert? and Would you like to pay with credit or debit? are all examples of salespeople asking for the order.

Independence and Discipline


Along with the need for independence comes the importance of flexibility. Just as you are able to set your own schedule, you have to be flexible based on your customers needs. Most sales positions are not nine-to-five jobs. That means you might be working nights or weekends, or you might be traveling out of town during the week or even long periods of time, especially if you are selling internationally. You have to be available when your customers want to buy. Before you cringe at the prospect of grueling hours and long flights, remember that this kind of schedule may also work to your advantage. You may have some weekdays off, which allow you to enjoy family, sports, or other outings that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to enjoy.


If youre not passionate about what youre selling, how do you expect your customers to believe in you and your product? You have to love what you do, believe in it, and feel passionately about it. Passion encompasses all the traits mentioned above; its how they all come together. Passion is the element that sets you apart from other salespeople and makes your prospects and customers believe in you and your product or service. See why Selena Cuff, head of Heritage Link Brands, thinks passion is what makes a great salesperson.

Bringing It All Together

Want to know what employers look for when hiring a salesperson? This video features Mary Delany, chief sales officer at, discussing what she looks for in candidates for sales positions.

Power Player: Lessons in Selling from Successful Salespeople

Its All about Their Stuff

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